Tech-Bel is an engineering company that provides comprehensive technical and testing solutions for the security & defense industries. We are a true testing powerhouse, providing our clients an array of instrumentation products and testing services. We cater to the rigorous needs of defense and military R&D teams

Tech-Bel represents leading technology companies from around the globe, offering our customers the most advanced solutions, equipment, and systems. Our products portfolio is diverse and comprised of cutting-edge solutions that meet your requirements.

We offer full turnkey solutions for testing, including test planning and consultation, equipment, measurements, high-speed videos and analyzed test reports.

For over 25 years, we have collaborated closely with government entities and private companies, assisting with the development and advancement of their products. We are the oldest company in Israel in our field, and are extremely proud of our long-term relationships in the Israeli defense industry.

Our vast experience with different technologies and products enables us to deliver optimal results for our clients’ requirements, while avoiding costly oversights and reducing time-to-market.


What We Do

  • Supply cutting-edge equipment: Diversified equipment for testing and R&D, including optical mounts, radars, weapon scoring systems, various sensors, crash test dummies, optronics, range solutions, data acquisition systems, high-speed cameras, lighting and triggering solutions, etc.
  • High-speed video recording: On and Off board.
  • Measurements: We perform trials and measurements for various applications.
  • Survivability of Structures & Occupants Safety Tests.
  • Data analysis and signal processing.
  • Test and equipment consultation.
  • We provide full support, including calibration and maintenance services, for all equipment supplied by Tech-Bel.

We have the capability to optimize your product development and to deliver the best tailor made solutions for your requirements.

Our team is comprised of experienced engineers who formerly served in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Test & Evaluation Unit.


Our Values

Our mission is to add value for our customers by providing to them the latest and most relevant solutions to their needs.

We work hard to always follow new trends and technology development which allows us to provide a great service to our clients.

We strive to provide our customers a great service and the feeling that they can trust us with everything they need, whenever they need.


Our Clientele

Tech-Bel provides consulting services, technology systems, services, and support to major government agencies and private companies.