High Speed Cameras

Tech-Bel represents several leading companies in the field of high speed video imaging &ultra high speed cameras.

NAC produces various types of high speed video cameras which are known for best image quality.

Cordin specializes in short time domain imaging.

NAC Image Technology

NAC Image TechnologyNAC Image Technology offers a wide range of products to meet the most demanding and unique imaging needs in a variety of applications, including:

Automotive Test Market, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Production, Range and Ballistics, Research, Design and Test, Transportation Test Market, Entertainment and Broadcasting media.

NAC products offer the greatest light sensitivity, the best image quality, the largest memory capacities, the smallest camera heads, the fastest download times and the most inclusive software packages in the industry. When it comes to reliable, high-quality, high-speed camera systems make the safest choice with NAC and you’ll see the visible difference. NAC offers various types of cameras: high-end, low-cost, IR cameras, multi-head and on board rugged cameras.

Characteristics of Product Families

  • MemracamHx – Family:
    Highest resolution
    Highest light sensitivity
    Highest light sensitivity
    Flexible imaging formats

  • GX – family:
    Highest resolution

  • Low Cost family:
    Highest light sensitivity

NAC Products

Memracam HX Family







GX Family




GX5 (Multi-head)

Low Cost Family


On-Board Internal

Q1 – M



Cordin systems specializes in short time domain imaging. For over 50 years, Cordin has been the world leader in ultra high speed imaging and photography, with the broadest and most advanced product line of any high speed imaging company. Cordin’s product line includes electronic imaging, film and streak cameras, controls, time delays and flash illumination systems. The company has particular skills in exotic optical systems, high voltage electronics, sub-picosecond triggering and ultra-precision mechanical systems. In addition to selling complete systems.

Cordin Streak Camera Systems are available based on two different core technologies: rotating mirror cameras and image converter streak cameras.