Anti-Drone Systems

Tech-Bel providing drone services, specially for imaging solutions. 
we understand that drones are a big security problem that will only get worse. This is the reason we partnered up with leading providers of anti-drone systems.
Dedrone is a German leading provider of drone detection System.
Sesp Group is manufacturing jamming solutions. 


Dedrone is one of the first companies in the world to develop effective technology for drone protection, from small, to very big civilian drones. Dedrone has been recognized as an innovation and technology leader in this field since 2014. DroneTracker is the system developed by Dedrone, it warns immediately against intrusive unmanned aerial objects to protect houses, data centers, stadiums, prisons, airports and other critical infrastructure from smuggling, espionage and terrorist acts. Depending on the requirements, any number of sensors can be integrated into DroneTracker, and countermeasures such as jamming transmitters can be activated automatically. 
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