Field Tests & Analysis

In this capacity, we offer full turnkey solutions for R&D testing, including test planning & consultation, equipment, measurements, high speed videos and analyzed test reports.

Once the test is complete, we gather the data from the dummies, sensors and videos, and use our software to provide comprehensively analyzed test results, which often lead to enhanced development.

Field Tests

In addition to selling unique and advanced products, we also perform instrumented trials to various customers. Tech-Bel is the leading company in Israel in the field of Survivability of Occupants & Structures Safety Tests. We provide for our customers full turnkey solutions for R&D tests.

Our test and measurement services include:

  1. Test and equipment consultation.
  2. Measurements: we perform measurements for various applications.
  3. High speed videos: On & Off board.
  4. Data analysis and signal processing.
  5. Conclusions: After the raw data is analyzed we meet the customer to review the test results and provide conclusions for further development.
  6. Equipment: We can provide any equipment necessary for tests including test fields, optical mounts, radars, various sensors, crash test dummies, optronics, range systems, data acquisition systems, high speed cameras, lightning & triggering solutions, cables, etc.
  7. Specialized in Survivability of Structures & Occupants Safety Tests.
Analysis Software

We use and sell software for data analysis. Our software enables us to analyze the raw data collected from various sensors and cameras and to provide our customers with conclusions for further development.

Evaluation is used to analyze data coming from the ATD’s and the various sensors:
EVAluation PC/NCAP will simply interpret the metadata and the measurement channels included in the data set to automatically generate a first analysis and visualisation.In addition, the software supports the “Free Graph” option.
The Free Graph allows you to combine several channels with complex mathematical operations. Based on a formula parser all typical algebraic and trigonometric functions and also additional vehicle safety specific functions are available within the formula parser.

Movias pro is used to analyze data coming from high speed cameras:
MOVIAS Pro’s offers seamless automatic and manual tracking of imported avi and mcf files. MOVIAS Pro is capable of tracking quadrant markers, light markers, dark markers and shapes. Data such as displacements, angles, velocities, accelerations, area, power, etc. are displayed in a table or graphic form in a matter of seconds. This data is synchronized with the playback of the imported video. All data is readily exported in a various formats and can be read by excel and other commercially available programs and file formats.

Analysis Software