Crash Test Equipment

Crash test technology deals with the safety of occupants and structure behavior subject to dynamic impacts. It’s a comprehensive methodology used in automotive industry by car manufacturers and in the military to design and develop safety vehicles to protect the crew which is subject to various threads with high forces and impacts. Crash tests require specific know how, equipment & systems. Tech-Bel is the only company in Israel that is able to provide the equipment and has the expertise to design, plan and run such tests. In that category we supply the following equipment:

  • High Speed Cameras
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Various sensors
  • Analysis Software

In addition, we consult, perform trials, analyze the results and provide reports. Tech-Bel is involved from the design stage up to the final reports and ensures that the process is in compliance with the specific requirements and standards.


Humanetics is the world’s leading supplier in the design and manufacture of sophisticated crash test dummies, associated technical support and laboratory services, development and supply of finite element software dummy models for computerized crash test simulations and specialties in static and dynamic strain measurements.

Like a retail display mannequin, the dummy resembles a human, but its more-than-skin-deep beauty consist of high-tech instrumentation and a state-of-the-art physique.

The occupants of the test vehicle are crash test dummies (properly called “Anthropomorphic Test Devices”) that are fabricated to resemble and respond like human bodies and that are loaded with sophisticated instrumentation. The instruments record information on acceleration, speed, deceleration on impact, force of impact, and the various motions and deformations of each dummy’s torso and limbs. These data are studied by safety engineers and related to behaviors of human occupants and their potential injuries.

Humanetics products include regulated and nonregulated anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs) ranging in size from newborn infants to large adults that are used in automotive, military and aerospace industries. Humanetics also offers patented iCrash Technology, which offers crash test devices with fully integrated data acquisition systems. The iCrash portfolio includes: iDummy, iVehicle, iWall, iTrolley and iPole.

ATD’S: The Crash Test Dummy is a calibrated test instrument used to measure human injury potential in vehicle crashes. It simulates human response to impacts, accelerations, deflections, forces and moments generated during a crash. Transducers in the dummy provide the physical levels experienced by the dummy. These readings are controlled and repeatable due to careful dummy design and manufacture so that the vehicle designer may use them to perfect the safety of his product. Data for development of the responses of the crash test dummy has come from human physiological measurements in sub-injury non-lethal crash simulation; from data derived from crash simulations with PMHS (post mortem human subjects); and from data based on physical properties tests of tissue from PMHS supplemented with data from animals.

The crash test dummy representing many sizes and ages and with the capability to be used in different crash orientations offers the vehicle designer a safe, repeatable test instrument for the furthering of transport safety.

The MIL-SID is a new configuration of side impact dummy designed for military blast applications. The dummy is derived from the core components of the EuroSID-2 dummy coupled with the head and neck of the H3-50th Percentile Male dummy, a new lower neck load cell, and the MIL-LX lower legs. Currently, specially configured H3-50th Percentile Male dummies are being used for evaluation of mine blasts to military vehicles. Testing has revealed that a significant amount of the forces occurring are lateral in nature and that a side impact dummy would be beneficial to capture these measurements. The MIL-SID is capable of measuring both lateral and vertical forces.

Humanetics Products

High Speed Cameras

High speed images are an important part of the crash test field. Products available as on board and as off board and usually both kinds of products being used to get comprehensive images and enhance the R&D. NAC is continuously developing advanced technologies for image capture, image processing, and image distribution. The company focuses on providing the best image quality and product reliability. High speed camera products manufactured by NAC Image Technology are employed around the world, providing critical image data for users on the automotive industry, on ballistic test ranges, on the aerospace industry, on manufacturing facilities, and in a wide variety of advanced research, development and test applications.

Typical features you can find in NAC high speed cameras include:

  • Auto Exposure Control
  • Remote & Local Control (no PC required)
  • Adjustable Frame Rates
  • Multi-Camera Control
  • Automatic Temperature Calibration
  • Dynamic Range Expansion Shutter
  • Selectable Bit Density
  • Multiple Trigger Modes
  • Continuously Adjustable Resolution
  • Memory Segmentation
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • External Sync Recording
  • Continuous Live Video Output
  • IRIG-B Timing Capture & Sync with Phase Shift
  • Compact
  • Rugged design
  • Built-in Memory Backup

HS Products



Gx5 (Multi-head)


NAC Cameras

Data Acquisition Systems

Crash-resistant on-board data acquisition systems, which are generally installed in the trunk of the test vehicle, are being used by a large number of customers. These systems are connected to sensors measuring displacement, force and acceleration, which are installed in either the vehicle or the crash test dummies. Data from vehicle buses such as CAN is also recorded during the crash test.

Crash-resistant in-dummy data acquisition systems are installed directly in the dummy. In-dummy technology helps significantly reduce cabling in both the dummy and the vehicle.

Off-board data acquisition systems are also used in the dummy laboratory, as many customers prefer to use the same measurement technology for initial dummy certification and subsequent testing.

DAS Products

Analysis Software

We use and sell software for data analysis. Our software enables us to analyze the raw data collected from various sensors and cameras and to provide our customers with conclusions for further development.

Evaluation is used to analyze data coming from the ATD’s and the various sensors:
EVAluation PC/NCAP will simply interpret the metadata and the measurement channels included in the data set to automatically generate a first analysis and visualisation.In addition, the software supports the “Free Graph” option.
The Free Graph allows you to combine several channels with complex mathematical operations. Based on a formula parser all typical algebraic and trigonometric functions and also additional vehicle safety specific functions are available within the formula parser.

Movias pro is used to analyze data coming from high speed cameras:
MOVIAS Pro’s offers seamless automatic and manual tracking of imported avi and mcf files. MOVIAS Pro is capable of tracking quadrant markers, light markers, dark markers and shapes. Data such as displacements, angles, velocities, accelerations, area, power, etc. are displayed in a table or graphic form in a matter of seconds. This data is synchronized with the playback of the imported video. All data is readily exported in a various formats and can be read by excel and other commercially available programs and file formats.

Analysis Software