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A laser is a device that emits narrow focused light beam to a specific spot. By doing so it enables a variety of applications. Lasers are used in optical disk drives, barcode scanners, DNA sequencing instruments, fiber-optics, surgeries, cutting and welding, marking targets devices, measuring range equipment and many more implementations.

Oxford Lasers

Founded in 1977 as a spin off from Oxford University, Oxford Lasers is a world leading provider of imaging instrumentation for visualisation of flows, high speed processes and also for providing quantitative information on processes.

The Oxford Lasers team provides a suite of systems that cover a large range of applications.

The diode laser series includes the FireFly and the FireBird can be applied to PIV, ballistics, welding, explosive studies.
The use of the lasers to study bright events enables you to see through the fireball at the process taking place. The high pulse repetition rate capability (up to 48 kHz) provide a very capable imaging system when combined with a high speed camera for R&D purposes. 

The VisiSize series are mainly used for droplet and particle studies providing quantitative information on droplet size, velocity, shape and direction. 

Oxford Lasers has a dedicated imaging solution for the pharma industry which include a complete R&D system for pulmonary drug delivery device development as well as a quality control system.

Oxford Lasers imaging systems are utilised by researchers and industry worldwide enabling their users to gain greater insight into critical processes.
 The systems come in a very cost effective package that enables you to affordably enhance your R&D capability.

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