Weapon Scoring Systems

Tech-Bel represents Trident research.
A live fire scoring system allows you to determine in real time when and where your weapon hit and the accuracy of the test.

The real value in an automated scoring system is the ability to ingest natural occurring data emitted by impact or detonation events, in even complicated scoring scenarios, and localize each discrete event in real time.

The system replaces the need to hire human observers and allows you to get real time accurate data which can be analyzed statistically and enhance development.

In the field of Acoustic-Based Instrumentation for Weapon Testing & Training Trident have two products:

TRACS system is for land based testing and training.
TARGT system is for sea based testing and training.

Both systems are being used by the U.S Army.

Trident Research

Trident Research is the world leader in acoustic-based weapon testing and training instrumentation. It uses multiple listening sensors to provide meter-level real time scoring of air-burst and ground-burst munitions. It creates 3D area where any event is located which allows accurate and repeatable real time results and statistical analysis.

The company provides tailor made solutions both for land targets and for sea targets.

Trident Products