EVAluation PC/NCAP is based on the ISO 13499 data format. All recent crash execution applications are capable of storing data in this standardized exchange format. EVAluation PC/NCAP will simply interpret the metadata and the measurement channels included in the data set to automatically generate a first analysis and visualisation. This approach is based on several application specific graphs types and automated functions.
All Graph options will be defined in appropriate dialogs. You will find all settings for analysis and Criteria selection:

  • Analysis interval: global setting or individual selection at each graph
  • CFC selection: Automatic mode, CFC60, CFC180, CFC600, CFC1000, CFCxxx (free CFC class), FIR100
  • Minimum / Maximum value of channel (pre/post CFC filtering)
  • Delta V, (i.e. for vehicle or sled acceleration)
  • 3ms-value, Xms-value (continuous or cumulative)
  • HIC, HIC(d), HPC with different tie windows
  • Tibia Index
  • TTI (Thoracic Trauma Index)
  • V*C, Deflection Rate (Viscous Criterion based on displacement or relative acceleration)
  • Nij – Neck Injury

In addition, the software supports the “Free Graph” option.
The Free Graph allows you to combine several channels with complex mathematical operations. Based on a formula parser all typical algebraic and trigonometric functions and also additional vehicle safety specific functions are available within the formula parser.