Crash-resistant in-dummy data acquisition systems are installed directly in the dummy. In-dummy technology helps significantly reduce cabling in both the dummy and the vehicle.

Off-board data acquisition systems are also used in the dummy laboratory, as many customers prefer to use the same measurement technology for initial dummy certification and subsequent testing.

MINIDAU® Advanced

Technical DataType K3700A 12…
Sampling Rate [Hz]100 000 @ 100 s
Dimensions [LxWxH] mm272x111x93 / 272x224x120
Data Sheet on request

The MINIDAU® advanced amplifier based on the MINIDAU® classic introduces an overload detection, implemented between amplifier part and filter part removing high frequency disturbing signals. Overload conditions are sampled and stored together with actual measurement data. The low pass filter is a pure anti-aliasing filter with an adaptive cutoff frequency that fits to the currently selected sampling frequency. All necessary additional filtering, e.g. according to SAE filter classes, is done during post processing.

nxt CrashLink Hub

Technical DataType K3779A…
Input Voltage [VDC]18 … 36
Dimensions [LxWxH] mm272x111x150
Mass [kg]4
Data Sheet on request

The CrashLink Hub is an intelligent platform with modular and PC104 based design. It offers different interfaces: Wireless Lan to communicate up to 400m between the On-Board system (vehicle) and the control room wireless. MICRODAU® and nxt. to act as a hub between CrashLink and nxt system. Web Server to monitor all status information of the connected data acquisition systems and can also be used to configure the hub itself, the MICRODAU® and MINIDAU®.

nxt32 In-Dummy DAQ System

Technical DataType K3870A…
Sampling Rate [Hz]100 @ 100 s
Bridge excitation, Voltage [V]2, 5, 5
Dimensions [LxWxH] mm25x54x85
Mass [grams]200
Data Sheet on request

In-Dummy DAQ system with non-volatile flash data memory for maximum of data security. With Lion battery.

MICRODAU® Data Acquisition Device

Technical DataType K3800A
Sampling Rate [kHz]8 … 20
Bridge excitation, Voltage [V]2, 5
Dimensions [LxWxH] mm37x20x10,5
Mass, bare module [grams]10
Data Sheet On request

In-dummy DAQ module with 3 independent channels per device. Can be integrated into most standard dummy load cells such as upper neck, lower neck, tibia or lower leg. Housings and load cell upgrades for 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 channels are available.