MiniDau Advanced

MINIDAU® Advanced

Technical DataType K3700A 12…
Sampling Rate [Hz]100 000 @ 100 s
Dimensions [LxWxH] mm272x111x93 / 272x224x120
Data Sheet on request

The MINIDAU® advanced amplifier based on the MINIDAU® classic introduces an overload detection, implemented between amplifier part and filter part removing high frequency disturbing signals. Overload conditions are sampled and stored together with actual measurement data. The low pass filter is a pure anti-aliasing filter with an adaptive cutoff frequency that fits to the currently selected sampling frequency. All necessary additional filtering, e.g. according to SAE filter classes, is done during post processing.

On-Board MiniDau

Technical Data Type K3882B
Channels 16/32
Sampling Rate [Hz]100,000 @ 100s
Data SheetOn request

On-Board DAQ system with non-volatile flash data memory for maximum of data security.
Smallest and lightest on-board DAQ unit available. With emergency Lion battery.