Framing Camera Systems

Framing camera systems comes in two different technologies: Rotating cameras & Gate intensified.

 Rotating MirrorGated Intensified
Framing Rateto 25 million fpsto 200 million fps
Number of Framesfrom 20 to 128from one to 16
Resolutionto 29 Mpixto 4 Mpix
Dynamic Range12-14 bit4-8 bit
ColorMonochrome or ColorMonochrome
Image NoiseVery lowModerate
Post-Trigger CapacityYesNo
SensitivityModerateVery high
Physical SizeLargeModerate
ComplexityVery highHigh


Cordin Rotating Mirror Framing Cameras relay an image through a complex optical system centered around a rotating mirror, to multiple independent CCD camera modules.

They capture the highest quality, highest resolution images at the fastest speeds compared to any other technology available.


Cordin Gated Intensified Cameras relay an image through beam images splitters to Micro-Channel Plate (MCP) intensifiers. These devices convert the incident photons of the image to an array of electrons, which are amplified and shuttered, and then directed to a phosphor. The resulting image is then captured on a CCD. The shuttering of the channels is done in a rapid sequence, capturing a series of images at very fast rates.

They have very high sensitivity and extremely short exposure and interframe times. They are available with 2, 4, or 8 imaging channels, and can capture one or two images per channel.

ModelResolutionMaximum SpeedFramesTriggeringMirror Drive
5602 Mpix4 million fps20, 40, or 78Continuous accessElectric or Gas Turbine
5808 Mpix4 million fps20, 40, or 78Continuous accessElectric or Gas Turbine
52129 Mpix2.5 million fps24SynchronousElectric or Gas Turbine
5100.5 Mpix25 million fps128SynchronousElectric or Gas Turbine
ModelImagesResolutionMinimum Exposure TimeMaximum Speed
2122 or 44 Mpix15ns or 2.5ns66 million or 200 million fps
2144 or 84 Mpix15ns or 2.5ns66 million or 200 million fps
222-4G8 or 164 Mpix2.5ns200 million fps