FireFly / FireBird

Perfectly designed, the FireFly/FireBird provides a compact high speed laser light source enabling the blur free visualisation of high speed events. The easy integration with all monochrome cameras and total flexibility in pulse rate, duration (Output Power), and trigger mode makes the systems ideal for R&D process across many industries. 

VisiWeld (Imaging Bright Events) – Combining the FireFly/FireBird Laser with a high speed camera and 808 nm narrow bandpass filter enables us to remove the excess bright light that is a result of an explosion, welding or other bright event and to see the process itself. This system has been successfully applied to a number of applications where it is necessary to see through the fireball:

  • Ballistics
  • Explosives  
  • Welding inspection; Laser, MIG, TIG, and arc weld viewing
  • Furnace inspection
  • Plasma arc furnace viewing
  • Flame penetration imaging

Flow Field Vector Systems – With the capability to generate a light sheet of a volume of light the Firefly/Firebird provides the capability to complete 2D and 3D PIV (a method to measure velocities in fluid) and enables the plume geometry and spray pattern of a spray to be determined. 

Relevant applications: 

  • Automotive development
  • Industrial spray characterization.
  • Deodorant spray analysis
  • Consumer spray characterization
  • Medical device characterization.   

Other use of the fireFly/FireBird is animal behaviour study (bio-locomotion) – Animals like fish, flies and others do not stop their normal behaviour while exposed to 808 nm wavelength making the system ideal for animal study.  

Unique features:

  • Compact and mobile
  • High output power for bright illumination
  • High repetition rate to keep track with fastevents
  • Endless variety of trigger mode
  • integrates with any monochrome camera, high or low speed
  • Fully sealed, air and water resistance capabilities