VisiSize Systems

Image based measurement systems that provide wide range of particle/droplet or bubble information: Droplet Size, Droplet Velocity, Droplet Shape, Droplet Direction.

Image based droplet or particle size measurements mean that set up is as simple as taking a photograph. Easy alignment of the light-source and camera (handily mounted on a special rail) enable you to start testing your spray. The flexible dedicated software guides you through the set-up process and speeds you on the way to collecting droplet size data. 

VisiSize P15 – This small laptop driven portable system is ideal for rapid in-situ spray testing, allowing quick quality control on critical processes. In addition to the measurement of the droplet size distribution, the VisiSize P15 is a powerful spray imaging system.

VisiSize D30 – This laser diode based sizing system provides the versatility of enabling spray testing with a high repetition rate laser that can generate a light sheet or volume that is suitable for other imaging techniques such as PIV and high speed imaging. This combination makes the VisiSize D30 the ideal academic research tool.

VisiSize N60 – The VisiSize N60 is the ideal industrial spray testing tool. It’s Class 1 laser safety classification enables ease of use in industrial work environments. The short pulse of the Nd:YAG laser light source enables no motion blur on droplets up to 1500 m/s, and sizing capability down to 2 microns.

Optional accessories allow any particle sizing system to be used to gain images and data on the spray formation, looking at sheet breakup and ligament formation for example. Hence the plume geometry (spray angle) and  spray pattern can be determined. In powder streams it shows particle clusters or foreign bodies. These images add an extremely powerful intuitive understanding of the process for R&D and trouble shooting. The combination of quantitative and qualitative data makes image based droplet diameter and particle size measurement far more powerful than any other particle size measurement technique.

VisiSize Software – The VisiSize software provides an intuitive understanding of the process as well as quantitative diameter and velocity data, making it a very powerful research tool.

Applications include: 

  • Agricultural spray characterization
  • Paint spray characterization
  • Consumer aerosol spray analysis
  • Fire suppression/extinguisher analysis
  • Bubble size measurement
  • Drug delivery device (e.g. nasal sprays and MDI) characterization
  • Automotive fuel injector characterization