TARGT- For Sea Based Testing and Training

Realtime Geolocation and Training (TARGTTM) system is the solution used to detect, locate, and count single and multiple simultaneous inert munition strikes or surface ordnance detonations in absolute WGS84 coordinates. Easy to use, easy to deploy and with the operational costs at a fraction of optics or radar, TARGTTM is the most cost effective alternative to traditional marine – based weapon testing and training instrumentation.

The system is a distributed array of underwater acoustic sensors and shipboard command and control station which incorporates GPS, acoustical processing, and communications to provide a low cost underwater acoustic method for locating offshore weapon impacts. TARGTTM advantages include the ability to operate during the day or at night, in poor environmental conditions including fog and heavy precipitation, and in broad ocean areas regardless of sea state or depth of water. Through the deployment of multiple acoustic sensors in and about the impact area, the TARGTTM system is capable of sub-meter accurate 2D weapons scoring in broad ocean areas.

The real value in an automated scoring system is the ability to ingest natural occurring data emitted by impact or detonation events, in even complicated scoring scenarios, and localize each discrete event in real time. Traditional scoring systems often come with steep learning curves leading to higher operational costs and an increasing burden on your maintenance budget. TARGT also includes the trainer program delivered at your location. Your operators will be ready to deliver reliable 2D scores with only one week of classroom and hands-on training. The acoustic-based architecture of TARGTTM is omni-directional and will always produce a score because the data can be audibly/visually reviewed and processed in almost any weather condition, regardless of sea state, day or night. If your weapon strikes the scoring zone, you WILL get a score.