Terrestrial Real Time Acoustic Classification and Scoring

(TRACS™) is a system solution used to detect, locate, count, and classify single & multiple acoustic events within a volumetric impact field, including atmospheric and surface events reported in XYZ coordinates.

With an architecture designed for expansion, TRACS can enhance your mission capabilities beyond traditional systems. Add live streaming video for situational awareness or infrared optics for low-light and no-light situations. Alongside with an intuitive, Microsoft Windows based GUI, your TRACS operator can tailor the system output, in realtime, to focus on the data that matters most.

Traditional scoring systems often come with steep learning curves leading to higher operational costs and an increasing burden on your maintenance budget. TRACS also includes trainer program delivered at your location. Your operators will be ready to deliver reliable 3D scores with only one week of classroom and hands-on training.

TRACS™ acoustic based architecture is omni-directional and will always produce a score because the data can be audibly/visually reviewed and processed in almost any weather condition, day or night. If your weapon strikes the scoring zone, you WILL get a score.

  • Fully automated real-time results
  • Single person deployment & recovery
  • Accuracy of less than 90 cm per axis (post mission)
  • Accuracy of less than 1.5 m per axis (real time)
  • Less than 30 lbs sensor weight